Posture is Fundamental - krzesło, krzesła

Krzesła szkolne i meble dla dzieci. Dobre Krzesła o wszechstronnym przeznaczeniu - krzesła do komputera, krzesła biurowe obrotowe oraz krzesła szkolne. Entelo to linia produktów profilaktycznych. Dobre krzesła biurowe obrotowe dla wszystkich dbających o zdrowie.


According to the ISO/IEC Guide no. 50 "Children's Safety and Standards – General Guidelines", issued in 1987 by the international normalization organizations, producers of children's goods must satisfy certain defined standards and provisions relating to safety when launching products onto the market. The authors stress that in the design, production and use of school furniture the key factor is that the anthropometric data (age, weight, body size) of children for whom the product is designed must be taken into account, and the principles of ergonomics applied. An inappropriate workstation causes: static, inappropriate pressure on specific parts of the spine and muscles, is the cause of tiredness in the child, leads to spinal deformation and permanent posture defects which are difficult to correct later on in life.

The greatest obstacle in the child's development is a passive lifestyle, with a lack of movement. Experts are of the opinion that physical activity plays a key role in the life of every person. If it is limited, this has an adverse effect on wellbeing, health and general body posture.

With its "POSTURE is Fundamental" motto, ENTELO focuses its activity on increasing social awareness about health by developing the correct posture and habits in children and adults. The organization treats sport as an area which plays a primary role in developing the culture of relaxation and fulfils a didactic function, not only in the young generation. The company is involved in numerous initiatives promoting healthy and active lifestyle, organizes educational campaigns combined with professional research into posture defects in the youngest children. During the first year of ENTELO's initiative alone, over 400 children were examined free of charge in various regions of the country.

Earlier, these examinations, conducted for around 200 pupils in primary schools, were used to assess the role of the Good Chair in preventative treatment of posture defects. The results confirmed that the products, because of their parameters and the highest standards of ergonomics, help to adopt the correct posture of the spine, and consequently fulfil an important supplementary function to physical activity.

Because of the analysis of the research results and excellent opinion about the Good Chair, work was commenced on the development and modification of the product based on its original conception. The Good Bench was designed to develop the "POSTURE is Fundamental" concept further, which, coupled with an appropriately selected chair, creates an ergonomic, pro-health workstation for both work and play.

According to specialists a chair and bench (desk) which are correctly paired and regular simple exercises protect the child against spinal conditions, and ultimately against the need for treatment.