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Krzesła szkolne i meble dla dzieci. Dobre Krzesła o wszechstronnym przeznaczeniu - krzesła do komputera, krzesła biurowe obrotowe oraz krzesła szkolne. Entelo to linia produktów profilaktycznych. Dobre krzesła biurowe obrotowe dla wszystkich dbających o zdrowie.


We wondered when we take another interesting project. We have not waited for a long time. We have just prepared a set of chairs for the company Kaba, thanks to the cooperation with the MEDOM furniture shop.
Application of the company logo completely changes the look of the chair giving it a unique character. These chairs you can seen only in the KABA company.
By the way, we would like to invite you to MEDOM furniture shop  in Nasielsk, where you can certainly count on professional service.

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 IMG 20170119 073146  IMG 20170119 073356  IMG 20170119 074304  

Another individual project for PG Sport

Specially embroidered logo, custom: fabric, thread, trim and components - these and other elements are part of an individual project. For sure, these chairs you can only see at PG Sport.

 pgsport  pgsport2

We are working on our new catalogue for 2017

We are preparing a new catalog for 2017. We will see there some new products: new DECO, new  Lavre and Storia.
We did not forget also about the educational institutions. We have for you a new seat colors.
More details, you can find on our Facebook.

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This is the modern building of the Special School Complex No. 7 in Plock.

The opening of the school was held in 2015. The building was designed as a ground-floor building, consisting of several wings. In the School Complex there are 15 classrooms, massage therapy room and rehabilitation room. Building is in modern style, multicolored, with many improvements made to meet the needs of children with disabilities. The school stands out among educational institutions in Plock. There are classrooms full of Good Chairs, which will support the correct posture of all students.

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